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Pharmacogenetics Testing

Benefits of Testing Genetics for Pharmaceutical Accuracy

Many people go through the experience of being prescribed medications that

turn out to be ineffective at delivering its intended treatment, but testing your genetics can help solve this problem and more.

  • Eliminate the guesswork and lack of success that is often realized from testing a variety of pharmaceuticals before finally finding the most suitable option(s) for use.
  • Avoid taking improper prescription drugs that may only result in negative outcomes, such as harsh side effects and potential long-term damage to the mind and/or body.
  • Determine the most optimal choice medication(s) based on personalized DNA makeup.
  • Results of the test are easy to use, simple to understand, and can be used throughout your lifetime for any provider you see that may prescribe medications.
  • Gain a precise understanding of which type of medications metabolize best with your body.

The administration and consumption of medication to improve the quality of the human life has been practiced for as long as we can remember. As we've evolved, humanity has created, tested, and retested countless medications for this specific purpose. Over time we have become more able to develop and prescribe some of the most effective types of drugs and their dosages, However, in most cases there is usually still some uncertainty involved. To bridge the gap of uncertainty, the study of genetics plays a strong role in defining how different drugs affect us on a unique and individual level with precision accuracy.

How to Get Testing for Pharmacogenetics

  • A specialist from our company will speak with you to confirm if you are qualified to receive this pharmacogenetics test.
  • Once you are qualified to receive this test, we will send the necessary information to the doctor of your choice for authorization.
  • Upon approval from your provider, we will quickly ship your testing kit directly to your home.
  • The testing kit comes in the form of a non-invasive, buccal mouth swab, which can be completed in the comfort of your home, as opposed to a blood draw performed at an outside facility.
  • Simple to use, and we will have a dedicated specialist give you a call to walk you through how to complete the test.
  • Once your test is taken and your sample is sent to our lab, your results will then be generated and delivered to you.

Our genetics testing lab is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Your testing kit, which includes free, pre-paid shipping, will be shipped to our lab for processing upon performing the mouth swab test. This process can take as little as 2 weeks to run your sample and have your results distributed to yourself and your provider by mail. Once you have your results, you and your doctor can determine whether your current medication regimen is the best option for you. Many times, patients are able to cut down on the quantity of meds needed to treat their conditions, as this test informs which medications are most suitable based on unique DNA makeup.


What is The Study of Pharmacogenetics?

From person to person, the human body and mind rely on foreign substances to survive and thrive. These substances can include food, water, vitamins, minerals, and for most people, medications. Over the course of our lives, the majority of humans will require medications in some form or another for the maintenance

of our physical health and mental well-being.

Pharmacogenetics, sometimes referred to as Pharmacogenomics, is the study of how one's genetics play a role in the mental and physical response to medical

drugs. This field of study is relatively new and combines the aspects of genomics (the study of genes and their functions) with pharmacology (the science of the uses and effects of drugs). The purpose of pharmacogenomics is to make strides in developing medications that are safe, effective, and tailored for individuals according to their genetic makeup.

Within every cell of the human body, there are specific types of proteins called enzymes. Enzymes assist the body in breaking down and metabolizing foreign substances such as drugs. Through the process of metabolism, the body can change an active drug to an inactive drug, as well as change an inactive drug to an active drug. One of the many goals of drug therapy is to ensure that the active form of a drug remains in the system long enough to perform its job. At times an active drug may remain in the system for longer than intended, resulting in negative effects on the body and/or mind. 

How to Know if Pharmacogenetics Testing Can Help You

As humans, we all carry a unique set of DNA that makes us different from one

another in a number of ways. One particular way in which we are all different, is found in how our bodies metabolize and utilize foreign substances, such as medications. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are not "one size fits all" for how effective they will be at delivering their intended treatment to those prescribed.

In other words, medications that work for one person may not work for another person. Many people have been prescribed medications that were ultimately deemed ineffective, and may have even caused mild, moderate, or severe side effects while using them. Adverse drug reactions from taking the wrong medication can even result in hospital visits. If you have been a similar position, then you understand the frustration of testing drug after drug and possibly never finding the safest and most effective one for your condition(s).


The trial and error process that comes with testing a new medication can cause wasted time and can potentially damage the body and mind. Often times patients are prescribed certain medications that are thought to be the best estimate for resolving the symptoms of their diagnosis. Pharmacogenetics testing can help you bypass the guessing game of trying different drugs and lead you to the most effective ones, all based on your specific DNA makeup. This test is especially helpful in the field of psychiatry for patients who rely on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and mood stabilizers.

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